Tuesday, December 17, 2013


(that's my giddy with excitement giggle)

 First, I was running......

 Then, I was standing in a creek!!!
 I looked right......
 I looked left.......
 I looked like a person who has never seen a creek before and thought it deserved a celebration for some reason.  Good thing nobody saw me and how happy I was!!  There are about 4 crossings now that have water, some up a little higher than ankle deep.
We have had maybe 3 days of rain, 3 or 4 weeks ago.  That's it.  I really don't know where all this water came from, but I'll take it!
And do a happy dance.


  1. The creeks are rising because that's what they do in the winter. They don't care about details such as how dry it has been and that there's been no rain to supply them - their job is to rise in the winter and that's what they dang well will do. Where the water comes from is Somebody Else's Problem. (And I'm jealous of you!)