Friday, December 6, 2013

Beauty and The Beast

Well, if you are only going to take one picture during a run, this is how you do it!
I love this shot of The Beast!  I did not see that huge bird flying past when I took this picture, I was just looking at her standing under the Oak Tree and the pretty lighting. I love it when you get home and look at a shot and see something cool that you didn't know you were getting! Today's run had a few wrong turns and  saying "where does this go? I don't know, lets take it"...and we ended up on some really pretty single track trails, and did not get lost!
We are heading to be early tonight so we will be fresh as a daisy for the North Face 50 Championship in Marin in the morning. Initially we were just going out to watch "The Greats" of trail running run this thing, and for the kids to get to run the kids run. As it turns out, Brian will now be pacing 100 Mile Ryan for the last little bit of his 50 miler, too. Super exciting for Brian! And, there's talk of snow as low as the valley floor tonight, so it could be slushy in the Marin Headlands, and most likely Diablo will get snow, too.  I'd sure love to get a run in starting lower and going up into the snow and back down...what a treat that would be!
Should be a fun weekend!

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  1. Have a blast at North Face! I thought about heading up to watch (this event should have some stands - there're an amazing number of elites running this, and SO many local runners I know). And way to go Brian - it's got to be a blast to be part of this. I'm hoping the Marathon or 50K is in my future.