Monday, May 23, 2011


Yep, real life is a bummer!!
I have never had as hard a time adjusting back to real life as I have since being back from Maui!! I truly had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I have not been really "away" from real life, responsibilities, being a mom or wife for....well, 14 years as of September 27th. So to just go and be away, no cooking, cleaning, time schedule, to-do be able to just go do whatever, whenever was wonderful. I was worried a bit before the trip about being 'alone' while traveling to and from Maui, and during a few activities during the trip. But rather than being stressed, I found it completely enjoyable. (yes, this is the same person who blogged about being scared to go out to dinner in WC a year ago). I love my hubby and kids, but a break was long overdue.
But, alas, I am back, and at some point, real life has to kick back in.
So, forward we go.
While in Maui I got 3 runs in, somewhere between 5 and 6 miles each. I was out the door at 5:30 and saw 3 amazing sun rises! I ran for 30 minutes out, then back. Coming back was always a bit faster and took somewhere around 25 minutes. I loved seeing all the scuttle going on of getting surfboards, kayaks and boats to the beaches early in the morning for the classes and tours that started at 7. South Kihei was alive with activity every morning. Kihei Caffe opened up at 5 and I would run by the crowded sidewalk tables eyeing all the amazing food. On the other side of the street I watched countless paddle boarders catching the calm early morning waves. On one morning run I was sucked into a Starbucks. I got my Coconut Mocha and sat out on the patio across from the beach and watched all the activities. I texted Nancy and let her know I was running a little long and would be back a bit later than usual. Running on Maui was such a treat! Exactly what I had hoped it would be. I was so grateful that I was able to get up and see the island this way. It was also a hot, humid, sweaty mess, even at 5:30 in the morning!
I got home late Wednesday/early Thursday morning. I did nothing on Thursday, even kept the kids home from school. Friday I unpacked and began to think about the fact that I was home, needed to clean house, do laundry, and start to function as a mom/wife again. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out issues I was having w/getting my pictures onto the comp. Saturday we all slept in, like until 10 am. Eventually we headed out on a 13 mile run. It was not the greatest run ever, but it was also a larger jump in adding miles than what we should have done. Nothing hurt, more than it should anyway, and my muscles felt good the next day. Sunday we did a hike with the kids and Kona.
So today is really the first day I hope to be on a normal schedule. Workout, run, clean, laundry, cook, clean, weed, (as in pulling), water, clean.....back to the grind.
I am not letting go of Maui yet, though. I have been spraying myself with Pineapple body spray like crazy, and enjoying countless cups of coffee!And making Bubba wear this outfit daily!
I did manage to get 2/3rd of the pictures up here, from the 12th to the 17th.

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