Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maui Bound!

This is it till next Thursday for posts!
Bags are packed, ready to go, looking forward to a week of adventure and "once in a life times".

Quick training update -
Things have been going very good! We are still ahead of our schedule as far as length of runs and miles per week, but using restraint and not increasing our long runs too quickly.

No pains, tweaks, injuries so far. I have been feeling very strong in runs the past 2 weeks. Even when I have an "off" run and it doesn't' feel like a strong run, our times have been decreasing on our 5 and 8 milers. I seem to have re-found my mental focus that I had lost for a while during runs and have been able to keep my head in the game. Runs of late have consisted of the 'check lists'...."how do your quads feel? Calves? Feet? Hammies? Keep your head up, shoulders down. Drop your arms to 90 degree angles, don't swing across your body, swing front to back. Push. Are you still pushing? Push harder." Then I count. I know. I didn't realize I was doing it in the beginning, but I do. Usually from 80 to 110, then back to 80 again, up to 110. I've since read and researched and it's a common thing to do when running, so I don't feel like such a freak. Last week I made a conscience effort to count from 1 - 30, then repeat. It felt like I pushed harder the first 15 steps, started to fade by 30, but when I started back over at 1 I would pick it up and push harder again. Usually count for 3 cycles, then back to the check list to re-check form and make any changes that need made.

So that's how training has been going, good. I'm feeling really good about San Fran. I know it 's nice to just go run and leave all thinking, stress, concentration behind. It is also nice to be mentally in the game and focused and know that my head is in the game. As enjoyable as it is to go out and "just run", it is equally enjoyable for me to be very focused and structured and mentally in constant check with my body and what's going on during a run. I have definitely switched the flip and am fully in "training mode"!

Alright, Brian just rolled up on his bike.....time for a few last minute errands before my flight out in the morning!!
Have a great week, send Brian 'happy thoughts'....he's the best!!

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