Monday, May 2, 2011

My Comp has Fallen and Can't Get Up

Arg, my comp is down, having to use the hubs.
Bad timing w/my trip next week, wanting to do some last minute things on line, hating to have to use someone elses comp...feels so foreign.
I also have no email addresses from my comp on this one, so mom, Nancy, Angela...anyone else I regularly email that may read this...please email me so I can save your address on the hubs comp.
Also bad someone who hates to fly.....I was really hoping the world would stay quite until after I flew. I mean come on, Bin Laden goes down the week before I am going to be flying alone over the ocean for 5 hours??? I am hoping since it's Hawaii bound there may be some fruity blue drinks served on the plane.
In other is going well, workouts feel great, runs have been good. Tan lines abound. Our weather is finally heating up and we are adjusting to running in the heat. Going through a lot more water, and sweating out tons of it. I had forgotten that I am quite a prolific sweater and creator of salt crystals! I am like a running science experiment : ) Our times aren't slowing at all though, so that is good.
We headed out to Tilden early Sat morning to meet a sister that regularly does Brazen races, as does her Ultra Running Hubs. They were going to be doing Brazen's wicked hard Wildcat run. Click here for his great re-cap and pictures of the beautiful run! We also had some friends from Pleasant Valley cong running the half marathon. I convinced Brian to do the 10k since we would be there anyway, it would be a shame for one of us not to run it. It was a brutal course, no flat. Up, down, up, and down again. He did great, finished 26th overall! Of our sister-friends that ran, we had a 1st, 2cd, and 3rd in their age divisions!! Everyone did a great job on a very tough course in warm weather.
Sunday we had our special talk which Brian had the privilege of giving this year. He did great! We followed up meeting with a long run. Great run, solid. His legs were a bit sore from the hills the day before, but it was a good run. Cleaned up and headed to some friends house for dinner.
Of course I have a ton of pictures, but alas, I can't dump them on this comp.
Hope you all had a good weekend!
Again, please email me if we normally correspond via email as I will not have anyone's addresses until you email me and then I can save it on this comp. This will most likely be a long term issue as I don't plan on forking over the money to fix my comp until after my Maui at least a few weeks.
Hope you all have a great week!

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