Thursday, May 19, 2011

How's it, Bra'h?

Maui was.....amazing!! So many "once in a lifetimes", so many adventures.....
I snorkled with with the Whale Foundation. I ziplined with Flyin Hawaiian - this was a blast and those boys made it so fun! Quite the characters and just fun! It took all my will power to decline their offers of a ride back to my condo. Gundy, the blondy, was not trustworthy : ) ( I took a taxi). We hiked and 4 wheeled between ziplines. I did the road to Hana. I sat at the top of a waterfall and leaned out over the edge. I ran. I luau'd. I ate strange fruit alongside the road. I had some wonderful drinks. I swam with turtles.
I had a blast!!


  1. Wow sounds like great fun. I love ziplining, luauing and snorkeling!

  2. So amazing! You look like you had a great time! Cant wait to hear more. :) You look very relaxed.