Sunday, July 1, 2012


I mentioned a few posts ago I have had my eye out for a bobcat that has been seen in the hills behind our house.

Well, Brian went for a run up Back Creek Trail out of Mitchell Canyon on Mt. Diablo this morning. Out the front door of our house it's almost exactly 13.1, but they wanted dirt and avoided the pavement by driving closer to the trail head for a 9 miler.  He never makes plans to run with other people, but this morning was one of those rare occasions when he did.  Our friend Ryan is training for his first 100 miler.  He ran Inside Trail's 50k yesterday (in 6:34!!) and was up for a few miles w/elevation this morning.

So, of course, this would be the morning Brian spotted a bobcat! Probably not "the" bobcat that has been hanging around home, but a bobcat non the less. He said it just walked right out onto the trail, stopped and looked at them, and then walked off the other side of the trail.  So bummed!!  He did not get a picture, but here is a picture of the sort of bobcat we have in our area.
This one is pretty spotted, they tan out as they get older. Source


  1. I'd love to see a bobcat! But I'll settle for seeing Ryan finishing yesterday (I took photos at the finish line - here's one I got of him; others are before and after this)

    That was an awesome time for that course!

    1. I saw that you were taking pics, read it on IT's facebook I think,and you did great as usual.
      Ryan is your typical runner..not super happy w/his time because he wanted to stay under 6:30, but w/the long course...he probably did?? All I know is its a tough 50k and he was much faster than I'll ever be! and then to go up Diablo the next morning....oh, to be in my 20's again!

    2. Thanks for the link to the pictures! What an awesome course - too bad my watch measured it at 32.5 and not 31.07. :)