Monday, July 30, 2012

Athletic Supporters

This is your weekend wrap up post.
The short version - " need some sugar?"  And then the next day... "woo hoo! Good Job! Woo Hoo! Good Job!"

Yep, some weekends your an athlete, some weekends your an athletic supporter : )
We volunteered at Brazens Bad Bass 13.1/10k/5k on Saturday, and spectated at San Fran 26.2/13.1 on Sunday.

Saturday was actually a lot of fun, and very interesting to see how everything stays so organized and what goes on in those early morning hours before a race. We were setting up/working/and breaking down the first aid station on the course at mile 1.5. Each of the 4 station needed slightly different supplies, and we each had a binder w/a list of what and how much of each thing to off load from the uhaul into a pile, then load into the back of another truck that drove it out to the course, then unload it again and get everything set up according to the instructions in the binder.  You needed to know who was coming through and in what order because they would need slightly different things.  For instance, the 13.1ers mostly only took water if anything since its really early at 1.5 miles to really need much fuel, whereas the 5kers turned around at that point, so some tended to hang out longer and drink/eat more.  10kers going out didnt' take much, but coming back they were wiped and drank tons.
We were also at a point in the course where some distances turned, and some went straight, and then those who turned would be doing a loop and come back and need to make another having the signs set up correctly and knowing the course and who to send in what direction was important ( I did not want that job!) Everything went smoothly, and we were done by 11:30, had new shirts and free race entries, so it was totally worth it.
Thank You to our kid sitter who was willing to get up early so we could be to Lake Chabot by 5:45 a.m.

Everything is off the Uhaul, waiting to be loaded into the rangers truck.

Sam, Jasmin, (pair of race directors) their 2 kids, and  a few others got into the theme of the race and broke out the plaid.  I've heard if you wear undies, it's a skirt, if you don't, it's a kilt....I didn't ask if he was wearing a skirt or a kilt.

I didn't get a "in the process of setting up" picture, but we have it all on site and set up.  Once runners started coming through we were all handing out drinks, but I looked down and realized someone better start filling up cups quick, so that was my new job.  I had a hard time keeping up with the Gatorade, but we never "ran out".

Aid Station #1 Binder...these guys are super organized!!

After our last runners came through, we cleaned up, broke it down, and left it all there for someone to pick up while we walked back to the start/finish area.

I love my Bad Bass shirt!!
Brian took these of our station in action, this was the first group to come through, 13.1ers.

Sunday we were not running SFM, but had a few friends who were.  We had people in each of the halves and the full, so we were at a spot that all 3 events passed and nearly went cross eyed trying to look for everyone! Here's a few we were able to spot and give a shout to -
So this is the super speedy Micaela H. She's behind the sandals guy, blue shirt, glasses, ponytail flying. She finished the 2cd half in 1:38, took 3rd in her AG!!

These two love birds, Allen and Diane, did the first half marathon.  We were watching for them, but did not see them go by.  We did hear Diane's name announced as they finished, and eventually Brian spotted them as he was heading to a potty.

Here we have Pat C who was running the full marathon.  I should mention it was cold and misting and everyone was pretty wet who had traveled over the fogged in GG Bridge and continued running in the mist.

This one is a little tricky to see, but we have Dawn and Gordon H, Micaela's mom and dad, who were also running the second half.  They are both in long sleeved blue shirts, just right of center of the pic.  He's tall and dark hair, she's just in front of him, shorter blond hair.  This was Gordon's first half marathon and they both put up great times!

That's Em getting a high five.  I do not know that man, but I love him!

A few more shots of Pat C.

Now we've moved across town and here's Pat again, mile 24/25 ish.  Her son is in black next to her, she's still looking solid!

We also saw Endorphin Dude, Tony!! Always a treat to see him at any race, he brings so much energy and joy wherever he goes.  He was also at Brazen's Bad Bass on Saturday and spent some time at our aid station heckling the runners who passed by, trying to convince them they must eat gummy bears and M&Ms or they would not make it to the finish. On Sunday he looked a little less joyful, but managed a smile when we started yelling at him.  i did not get a picture, this one is from his site.

Also someone we saw but did not get a picture of, gasp....Dean Karnazes! He ran right past us and I had a giddy moment of "Brian, that's Dean...look!! He's right there, that's him, Woo Hoo...I just saw Dean".  Can't help it. I'm sure my Woo Hoo is what got him across the finish.

I think that technically makes me Dean K's athletic supporter.


  1. It was so cool to see both of you at Bad Bass - a total surprise! (I love volunteering at aid stations - nearly as much fun as running the race.) You two were great!

    And then seeing Brian and one of the girls at the SF Marathon was a huge surprise - love it!

    So what are you going to do with your free race entries?

  2. You guys are the best athletic supports ever! It was a real boost to see and hear you all in the park :-) Thanks so much to all of you.