Friday, July 20, 2012

Run, Ryan, Run!!

Diablo 50k, Ryan and Pacer, Gordon H.

Our thoughts will be with Ryan this weekend! He has worked hard this past year, very focused on his goal of completing his first 100 mile run.  As old fogies, (ok, we aren't old, but he's 28 and has mad endurance, which has a way of making us feel old : ) it has been fun and inspiring to watch him knock out one distance after another. His dedication to his training and to taking care of himself has gotten him to the starting line of  his first 100 - The TRT 100. That, and the patients of his wife, Tessa, who's not a runner....yet...but that'll be changing soon I hear. : )  Best wishes, Ryan!! Enjoy every second, even the painful ones. Allow yourself a minute to be proud of the hard work you have done over the past months that hs gotten you to the start. Run safe. (I'm a mom, I have to say it) We cant' wait to hear every last detail!!
North Face 50 Miler - Ryan, and Pacer Ryan W.
Castle Rock hike w/us, Ryan risking an injury to climb this vine.

Diablo 50k

Diablo really was that tough and worthy of 3 pictures!

Inside Trail's Marin Ultra Challenge 50k

Which he finished 2cd in his division, in an amazing 6:34!

Run, Ryan, Run!!


Updates: Tessa says she saw him at mile 30 - he is doing good, no pain, and a full hour ahead of his ideal pace!!

Thats 30.3 Mt. miles in 6:42 on a hot day!

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