Saturday, July 21, 2012

Run, Ryan, Run - Race Progress Updates

 Good Job, Ryan!! 

We can't wait to hear how it all went down from your perspective!

Ryan w/his pacer, Ryan W. at the finish. Check out Ryan W's sock line : )
 Update- He finished!!! Crossed the line at 2:04, total time of 33:04!!
Update - He was into mile 93 station at 11:17 a.m. total elapsed race time of 30 hours 17 minutes. He has 4 hours 43 minutes to make the last 7 miles to the finish.
Update - He's making forward progress, and at this stage that is good news! He's still making his way to the 93 mile mark, breathing is a bit difficult, but he's been given an inhaler, and is still moving forward at about 2 miles per hour....which would mean he can still make the 4 pm cut off. We have no doubt he'll finish, whether or not he makes the cut off really does not matter, 100 miles is a huge accomplishment. 85 miles was a huge accomplishment, no matter how the rest plays out, he's already accomplished a great feat!
Update - He's into the 85 mile station at 7:16 a.m.!!!! He's been running for  26:16! Nothing but another 8 mile section, and a 7 mile section and he's done!!
 Update - He made it in to the 80 mile station at 3:56 a.m., in almost right on 3.5 hrs to get that 13 mile section done, which is a pretty great time under normal circumstances...doing it at night, with 67 miles already on your legs is amazing!  He's now making his way to the  85.5 mile station. He's been running for 22 hours 56 minutes.
 Update - Ryan came into the 67 mile station at 12:23 a.m., total elapsed time at 19:23. He now has a long stretch of 13 miles of darkness to work on through the night to get to the next aid station at mile 80. While I was getting a few hours of sleep, the first 3 finishers came in, the winner, Matt Hart, crossing the finish in 19 hrs, 14 minutes.
 Update - Ryan just sent out text "just left Tunnel Creek for Red House" - that means he left mile 61 to head for the next station at mile 67. It also means that he most likely was running for a bit in the dark w/no light, cant wait to hear about all this from him! That section was 11 miles and took right at 4 hours,  with at least one of those in the dark.  He's at 17 hours of running.
Update - sort's been nearly 4 hours since he left the 50 mile station. So far, he has not shown up on either site we are tracking on at the 61 mile mark. Texting w/Tessa, we are assuming he is well past 61 (where his night gear/head lamp is) and on his way to the 67 mile station. That is really the only option since it's dark out, no way he's running w/o his light....hopefully the sites will update soon!
 Update - 8:35 text from Ryan, " I got this" . He's totally getting it done!!
Update - Looks like he had a 30 minute plan, he headed out of  the 50 mile aid station after exactly a 30 minute bit of rest, headed into an 11 mile section.
 Update - He was in to the 50 mile aid station at 5:38, 12:38 total elapsed time from the start.  I don't have an "out time" yet, so he may be at the aid station still, or he may have headed out with Tessa, and it's just not updated yet.  Looking at times, it seems that many runners are taking 10 - 30 minutes at this station.  It's dinner time (if he's able to eat) and 11 miles to the next station. Depending on how a runner is feeling, he may switch to warmer clothing and night gear here. 11 miles at this point could easily take 3 hrs.
Update - He just went through the 43.3 aid station at 4:05 p.m., 11:05 total elapsed time. Now he has just under 7 miles to the next station where he'll pick up Tessa for a few miles.
He's past the 35.5 mile point, which means he just finished a very tough section from miles 30.3 to mile 35.5.  This 5 mile section will take most runners well over 2 hours to climb. Here he is heading out of the 30.3 mile station, heading into a 2 hour, 5 mile climb -
Ryan in red shorts on left (Thanks for the updates and pictures, Tessa!)


  1. I love this! All the updates and math and some guesswork - great post! And great job Ryan! That course ate up and friend of mine that I thought was invincible. It is REALLY tough. Congrats to anyone that finished (or had the nerve to start).

  2. Just got to read all of this - thank you Beth for keeping track! I'm sure your anticipation was nerve-wracking - I was going through the same thing. I might have to do a guest blog post for you and write a race report while it's still fresh in mind.

    1. Brian and I were anxiously awaiting the station updates to see your name, and yep...there were a few times we were pretty nervous : )
      Please YES on the race recap!!
      Congrats again!