Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DC 2012, Cow Palace

The weekend always starts off with Spa night

Thankfully, Jill agreed to drive us into the city since Brian was working on Friday

Getting Breakfast Saturday Morning

I am not really that tall, just the shoes

4.5 inches of red shoes : )

At the Cow Palace, in the afternoons, the sun comes in through these holes in the roof and make random sun spots around the arena

We changed quickly afterwards and had dinner w/friends.

Sunday the kids were super excited about their dresses and jewelry (Ross, Forever 21).

Myles was just excited to find a friend.

Breakfast day 3

Me and the rarely seen Beast, Angela

Kids and friends

On Sunday, we went to Crissy Field afterward and had a picnic and flew kites, that is a whole set of pictures by itself, I'll post those later in the week.

And just like that, another DC has passed.  We look forward to it for so long, and it's over so quickly.  Lots of great info as usual, and, I wont ruin the new releases for those who haven't gone yet, but there is a great treat if you have young kids!! And our hall had the drama this year, so it was extra special.  The kids were extremely well behaved, the best ever! Now we have to wait a whole year before we get to do it again......


  1. I always look forward to your DC pics. This could not be a more beautiful family and I am so proud to be the Grandma/Mom. You make me happy and I'm sure Jehovah smiles when he sees how much you all enjoy spiritual things. All my love, Moo

  2. They are getting so big! Beautiful as always. I ran into your mom in Tacoma this year. Ours was in mid May in Portland so it has been so hard keeping the kids quiet about some of the new releases. We had to go to a second one because of illness part of our family missed ours. It was well worth the effort to get to hear everything twice.

    1. Hey Megan!
      Mom said she saw you and how much she enjoyed visiting with you! Yes, the kids are weeds for sure!! The convention was wonderful, as always!

  3. Hi, wow your kid are so beautiful and handsome!!

    1. Thanks, Brenda! Mom is looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

  4. Nice long hair:) funny cause me and my sissy have been growing our hair long this year too!

    1. Well, you know how short mine was growing up...the girls will have long hair until they are at least 15...then I will let them cut it if they want : )
      Mine is finally getting long, but takes so long to grow, and the 99% of time its in a pony tail anyway!