Monday, July 2, 2012

Keepin it Real, Yo!

I did it!! I held to keeping it at 10 minute miles and did 40 minutes on the bike.  I wasn't sure how the legs would transition from going directly from running to the bike, or from 40 minutes on the bike directly to 3 miles running, so I figured keeping it at 10 minute miles and 40 minutes on the bike was smart the first go round.  Realistically, I think  it'll take around 50 minutes to do 12 miles on the bike in real life, and now that it's over, I could for sure have gone another 10 minutes on the bike. However, I do not know if how I ride on the trainer translates to a real bike.  I tend to get bored, so I change the resistance and get up out of the saddle, but use the aero bars at the same time.  If fact, I spend most of the time in aero looking down at the ground, so I really need to work on keeping my head up (which obviously going down a real road I would have to do), and not using the aero bars since Brian's bike, which I will be using, does not have them.

I think you guys know by now that I loath running/biking inside.  I did my best to feel like I was outside by positioning the treadmill in front of the open sliding door, and set up the bike right behind it directly under the ceiling fan......but,'s just not the same!

Since I have not posted any really unflattering pictures of myself in a while....I thought I'd share a few from todays morning workout session (I still have Jillian's to do tonight).

the set up....

Did my 1 mile, now on the bike.

View on the bike, I usually have my elbows on those pads my hand is on, and lean forward holding the aero bars.

The stories that towel could tell today! I thought of my dad every time I blew my nose on it (he used to do that all the time).  Is it super gross that I continued to wipe my sweat off with it?? (I said I was keepin it real : )

After 40 minutes of bike, it was time to hop right back onto the treadmill.  My thighs felt super bulgy, but otherwise legs felt good.

That's actually my happy face! (my eyes look a bit glassy, no?? It was super hot, no breeze coming in that open door I was in front of)

This is my "holy cow I'm really gonna be able to do this" face.

Not sure who got more of a workout, me or that towel!

This is my "maybe I should be eating something during this thing?" face, feeling a little woozy.

After that last picture I didn't want you to forget what I usually look like : )

and this is my "I did it!" and "It's done" face! At this point, I could not tell you if that is snot or sweat on my forehead!

Legs right afterwards, nothing hurt but my thighs still felt big and bulgy, I suspect the bike works them differently than what they are used to.

These are the boards in my workout room, a lot of inspiration and a few workouts I can quickly do if I'm having an off day and don't feel up to a full workout.  Something is always better than nothing.

This is my white board where I chart and schedule and check things off as I do them daily, and also that's my water chart on the right, gotta stay on top of getting my water in, charting it helps.

This was today on the schedule. I'll get that workout (strength training) done later today and check it off, too!

Update : Workout is done and checked off, and towel is heading straight to the washing machine : )


  1. Yo. That towel needs to be retired. To a landfill. Other than that, nice job!

    1. thanks....maybe after tonights workout I'll wash it : )