Friday, July 13, 2012

Hardrock 100 Miler

Anybody else following this online?? This is about as tough of a 100 as they get....add thunderstorms and pouring rain....these guys are animals!!
source - irunfar's twitter feed
Here's the leader, Hal Koerner, at mile 49.5 Holy abs!!  I've been listening to the HAM Radio guys relaying info off and on all day, hearing the runners and pacers coming in and out of the aid stations, and I'm able to look up their named by number on the race site...pretty cool stuff!!
UPDATE - Hal hung on for the win in 24:50:13, the first ever to win both Western States 100 and Hardrock.....its gotta be the abs.


  1. Yes! I wasn't following ham radio guys (you really did that?), but there were several that I was keeping up with. Hal winning is awesome! (And BTW, Tim Long is no longer with ITR. Fortunately, the other Tim is doing well on his own with the company.)

    And now Badwater starts tomorrow I believe.

    1. Yes, I really did that...maybe a little obsessed : )
      Had no idea about Long and ITR...that surprises me!! Is there a link to anything to read about that, or was it just a quiet parting of ways??

    2. I think it was just a quiet parting of the ways. I haven't seen anything in print. Olsen won WS this year didn't he?

    3. Hey, yep, Tim Olson won this year, Hal won both in 09 and in 07.


    Hal talks about his hardrock win, compares it to WS100 wins, and will be at north face championships in the marin headlands in december!!