Thursday, July 12, 2012

Give These a Try!

So this week brought on the final 2 workouts of Jillian's Body Revolution, workouts 11 and 12.
With that.....came these :

They look so nice and peaceful and not difficult.....but none of that is true! They are extremely challenging. These are in workout 12, which comes the day after 11...which has a lot of tricep and shoulder work, planking, and push ups (not just normal pushups, pushups with a cable wrapped around your back to add resistance, and then scorpion pushups, and then triple down pushups, which I'm trying to find a video of). So facing these the next day, towards the end of another difficult workout....pure "Jillian" evil.

Give em a go, see what you think! I'm hoping by the end of next week when I will have done the workout 4 times....maybe I can get through a whole set w/decent form.

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