Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have to say this summer has been pretty amazing! I can't believe how fast it is flying by.  We haven't done any big trips or vacations or anything, just a lot of small adventures that have kept us busy nearly every day! Here's a few pics from this week -
The kids and I did the Rim trail at the Lafayette reservoir. It was extremely hot and we had to cut down to the bottom trail when we started getting low on water.

Do I have enough junk hanging off of me or what??

Looking over to Diablo

So where the usual "res" that we run is down there in the background w/a paved trail around it, the rim trail is a fire trail that circles the res on the rim.  It is mostly exposed, and has difficult hills, some easier to slide down on your bottom than to walk down.

The girls and I had just came down one hill an were waiting in a sliver of shade for Myles to finish coming down before we headed up this next hill....

When we saw this guy cross the trail...he was very pretty, and about 4 feet long ( I estimate this based on the kids was at least as long as Sophie is tall)

It's pretty common to see Gopher Snakes here, but this was not a Gopher snake.  I wasnt' sure what it was when I saw it, (you may notice I did not put my hand on the ground next to it to show scale this time : ), but now I know it's a California King Snake.  Not venomous, but a constrictor who is "king" in that he will eat anything smaller than him, including Rattle Snakes!

I love these straw glasses!! He asked if he looked like a nerd.....what would make him think that?? : )

We snapped this awesome picture of the moon on the way home by Mitchel Canyon.

Sorry, can't get enough of his glasses.  He likes to drink Strawberry Milk with them, he says it  makes his face cold. Which made me think we could somehow rig these up to a Camel Back and have a new cooling device on my next long run.
The Beast and I took the kids to Rankin Pool in Martinez today. That's Sawyer on the steps, then Myles, then random kid, then Em doing the flamingo stance, Claire, and Owen in blue.

Myles doing his best imitation of an Olympic dive.

Thats Emma.  Sophie did some great dives, but I timed the pictures wrong and got nothing but splash.

Here's Soph and Myles.

In other news, I did two run/bike workouts in, actually one was run/bike/run/bike/weights, and one was run/bike/run/weights.  Kids have been sun burnt, which in my opinion drains their energy.  I dont' like making them run when they are like that, so I've been on the treadmill all week...which would not be nearly as bad if it wasn't so stinking hot.  We've been in the upper 90's all week and even w/AC the house has been pretty hot, making for some gross workout conditions, and not great sleeping conditions either.  Anyhow...I have thoroughly enjoyed my time w/my kids this summer. I'm not sure if it's because it's Myles last summer before he starts school, or if they are just at ages right now (5,8,10) where they get along really well and have fun, but it's been a great summer! My house is going to seem really empty and quiet when school starts in 3.5 weeks.

Whatever adventures you are off to have this weekend, have fun and enjoy every second!

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  1. Fun week! (Be warned that it is supposed to be even hotter this week. Yikes!)

    And I need to find a pair of those straw glasses.