Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School!!!

 I have so many pictures from today, I will post a few here and the rest on our photo site here.

The kids were up before me and dressed already, and bouncing off the walls.
They were more than ready for school to start back up!
 A few highlights of the above picture - Sophie was finally able to get the glittery light up shoes she has wanted for the past two years, Myles shopped and picked out his entire outfit, including the light up shoes, and Emma also hand picked her outfit and LOVES her bambi shirt and new shoes.
Thank you, Grandma Nana and Grandpa Larry for making all that "First Day of School Outfit Loving" possible!

 Myles and his teacher.  He did super good and seemed more than ready to do this Kindergarten thing.

 These are of picking him up after school, he seemed very tired! He had fun, loves his teacher, and said he loves school!


 I did NOT need the boo hoo breakfast....I had other plans!!  Brian worked from home today so he could see Myles go to school, so I sent him on his way home while I made my way home via DIRT!  A hair under 5 miles, and a hair over 1100 ft of climbing trails.  The perfect first morning alone!

This is normally stone rock, but today it was about 3 inches of white powder full of animal tracks. Hard to climb, but entertaining!

 Above pic is from the top of the hill I climbed, looking down the backside to where home is.
 Maybe Turkey Vulture tracks?? They were about the size of my hand, it was a big bird!

 Dropping down into civilization.

 Knew I'd probably see one of these, it's a Gopher snake, but you can see why at first glance they always make me think "rattler!"

 If you are wondering, I did indeed make it home safe and sound, and very, very happy!
 The girls were thrilled after school, they love their teachers, and classmates, and were super excited.

 We wrapped up the perfect first day of school at Guanatos with some ice-cream!

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