Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We're Back

We've been back since Monday night, I just haven't been motivated enough to sit down and dump pictures and get a post up.
Short story - we camped, had fun, swam, fished, visited w/family, got hot, and came home tanner.

I'll do a better recap tomorrow...,maybe...if I feel like it.

Kids found out teachers today, everyone is happy, but not happier than I am to find out that Myles is in the a.m. kindergarten class!

I bought school supplies from the school for each of the kids classes (instead of getting a list for each class and doing the shopping myself)  and ended the day $131 in the hole....apparently 5th grade is an expensive year for supplies.

Brian is running Coastal's Zoom run in Castle Rock park, 13.1 this Sunday morning, looking forward to cheering him on!

Ok, enough randomness for now.


  1. Yay for being back (especially after having fun!). I was considering that Coastal race, but I'm pretty sure I'd never make their 3.5 hour cutoff. It's funny that the Zoom races were supposed to be flat(ish) and easy to break in with, but they've set up a tough course for this one (granted, it's Mt Diablo - how else to do it?)

    1. Agreed on the course, originally it was in Castle Rock and Shell Ridge, where we have hiked often. We both planned on running it....then they changed it to being mostly on Diablo, and I was out o there! One of us is smart, one is stubborn...I'm not saying who's who....but the original course was much gentler.

    2. Hmmm...and who said that if I didn't sign up Tuesday night that you would have me signed up by morning? :)

    3. exactly, I would have signed you up, not me!