Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ellensburg, WA

 Sending "thoughts" to my mom, her friends, and her congregation, which are her family. Not happy thought, more thoughts of concern, sadness, and a bit of fear.  Mom lives in Ellensburg, Wa, which looks like this
She is fine and safe, and no doubt scared and worried. Homes have been lost, friends evacuated, livestock set free for their own immediate safety. People are attempting to round up the lose animals, but Ellensburg is serious horse country and there are many to find. Mom said a family in her congregation had to leave home quickly and had to leave behind their pigs, which are no more.   She's keeping one eye on the fire, and one eye on her elderly friends in a nursing home, which is where she was when we talked.
While I don't like that mom lives so far away, it's times like these that I'm glad she is in a small, close knit town that takes care of each other.  When the smoke settles, there will be great loss, but there will be an equal amount of stories of neighbor helping neighbor.

Love you, mom!


  1. This is awful - nobody should have to face this sort of thing. It's great to have friends and such around to help though. But still - it's terrifying.

    1. Agreed, I keep reading stories of families loading up the horse trailers, having to choose which ones to take, and which ones to let loose...I can't imagine.

  2. Beth, once again you have made me cry. Thank you for the post. I went in service this am and went to the fairgrounds and the evac center. People have the best attitudes and had lots of time to get the important things out. The folks with the pigs have lost their house now, too. We will take care of them! I love this town and my cong. family are amazing! We're all doing what we can and sometimes that's just a smile and a kind word. I went from service to the nursing home and my friend is still hanging in there. She told me today she "just wants to go to sleep". I love you, Beth, and don't worry about me I am fine. Have a great trip. Mom