Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Stand Behind My Choices, Even the Heartbreaking Ones.

It is funny in life....I think it is always wise to "keep making sure" that you are on the right course.  I have eluded to the fact before that I have had to make some very difficult, gut wrenching, heart breaking decisions in my life as far as relationships go.  Nobody forced me to react one way, or the other. Yes, I was having to react to decisions others made and decide what I would do, but that decision was mine, based on what I know to be right. I do not make major life decisions that are heartbreaking not only for me, but for others who I love dearly, based on "what those idiots on the platform" say. (not my quote, fyi) We all have free will.  People have free will to leave. People have free will to stay. So whether I am having to make a choice in which way my life will go, or whether I am having to react to a decision someone else has made as to which way their life will go, it is mine. I own it. I have talked a lot here about standing behind the choices you make. I stand behind mine, and if you are able to stand behind yours, then you should be able to leave any hate or bitterness or anger behind and move on.  People in my life have known in advance the ramifications of their actions and choices. For 26 years we had the same beliefs. So how I have reacted to their life choices should not come as a surprise to anyone. If they are confident they have made the right decisions with their life, then they should be able to stand behind their choice, as I do mine. I have not been told what to do, who to allow in my life, or who not to allow, who I can talk to, who I can't talk to. So if anyone is looking to blame someone for my choices in my life, blame me.  I have strong shoulders, and I am not carrying the load of your anger alone.  I have strength beyond what is mine. My hope for everyone is that, after they are done blaming me, they find happiness and peace in their life course and their decisions, and go on to have amazing lives full of joy, not bitterness, anger, or hate.
I have spent a lot of time in the past week and a half "making sure" that I've made decisions I can stand behind and live with, and I have. Based on an email I read this morning, that is without a doubt true.


To those of you who have no idea what I am talking about (be grateful for that!).....how about some Plank talk??
The Beast and I let Jillian give us a smack down yesterday.  We did Jillian's Body Revolution workouts #8, and #7.  One works the front of the body, the other works the back, not meant to be done on the same day but rather consecutive days.  Why??  Because EVERYTHING will hurt the next day!!  I was caught up in the excitement of the workout after 1.5 weeks of NOT working out or running.  In my delirious excitement, we finished #8 and I suggested we do #7 since we are both here, and in the zone......I probably will not make that mistake again. 7 is based on super sets of Crow push-ups, walking planks, plank ups, downward dog push-ups, and pick up push-ups.
I have not been this sore in a long time, but it felt good to finish totally spent, shaky, a bit dizzy, and sweaty.
I am a bit shaken from this mornings events, but am determined to at least do phase 2 cardio today.


  1. ahhh Yes, I stand behind my choices in life too. Yes we have stood behind our choices since we were children! What a beautiful earth we live on to enjoy a healthy happy life despite the events around us. Enjoying our children, our hubbies and our memories. To have peace amgonst a horrible world is a wonderful thing. Be sure that we live for one result, we work for one thing, we are grateful for one future.
    Work Out hard for me too!!!

    1. Thank you Brenda,
      Stay strong!
      Much Love!!