Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Could Happily Live in a Tent

 Last weekend we went camping. One of the more bizarre camping trips, considering everything else that was going on.
The kids still had a good time.......

Sophie made pancakes in the morning.

There was a lot of fishing.

Brian and the kids went to the campgrounds educational show, Soph was an Eagle.

Emma's fish #1

Emma's fish #2

Not a super flattering picture...that's pretty much what I did all weekend though
Friday was crazy hair day at school, Em looks thrilled, no??

There was a lot going on Friday on the drive up to Shasta, including a pretty sunset.

Finally made it to the lake, we got the tent up before it was totally dark.

The kids were able to roast the first night.

Kona's home away from home.

This was Myles home away from home.

Love him!!

Saturday it poured rain for a bit.

This is what your dog will look like if A) he gets ticks and you shave his body down, and/or B) he does not behave at the groomer and they shave his face hair off.

The bridge the kids jumped off last year, the arches they climbed on are under water.

She's wrestling a worm onto her hook.


How I survived the weekend.

We played quite  a few games of Yahtzee.

Bacon and sausage underneath.

Pancakes and hashbrowns.

It was really too cold for this, but wouldn't be camping w/o a swim.

Since we were only there for 2 dinners, it was hot dogs (not Kona) both nights.

Not sure what Sophie is doing, some sort of fish dance??

Brian w/his spiderman pole.

Kona's travel spot, he does really well in the car.

We have a new ice-cream shop in town, Guanatos, it is super good. Em's is cheese and avocado!

This was date night last night.  We got dropped off in Castle Rock park and made our way up over the foothills back home.

I doubled up on the neck coolers and stayed super cool.

We ended up running down the Mt on the road until we could connect into another trail.

We were looking pretty good to the turkey vultures at this point.

I was pretty sure we were not even on a trail at this point, it was a fire block=cat road of churned up dirt. Pretty sure we wanted to take the single track trail (I was right) but on and up we went, passed the private property/no trespassing signs we go!

Did I say it was steep?? 7 miles, 1800 ft of gain.

This = not a real trail.

No matter, we made it up and over and our house is down there in that neighborhood.

Yes, I got close, but he's just a baby and stretched out, not ready to strike.

I end w/Sophie relaxing in the pool this morning...on our camping the pool. Life is good.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time camping! Btw I love Yahtzee and camping. Did you know baby rattlers are more dangerous because they don't know how to reserve venom and usually are more toxic? I found the neck coolers at our Dollar Tree! Woot! Hopefully we will see you soon. Are you coming to Trailquake or the Dirty Dozen? Great pictures!!!!!

    1. Hey Diane,
      I did know that about rattlers, this guy was stretched out enjoying the temp and not rattling at all so I wasnt' too worried about him.
      Yeah for the neck coolers!
      We dont' have any races on the schedule, but I do know our convention is the weekend of Dirty Dozen, much to my dismay : (

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the pictures! Looked like you had a great time.

  3. Those are awesome pictures! Your kids are SO cool and look like they had a great time. Love the brave ice cream flavor choice. And putting her own worm on a hook. Thanks for posting these!