Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Time is flying by this month!
April is always an exciting and fast paced month for us.
Both of my girls age another year in April, and although it's only 1 year, they seem to get 5 years older every April.
There's always a flurry of excitement and buzz among our friends over the "special activity" that takes place every April.
The last few days of this week will involve doing mani's and pedi's and a spa night (at home) with my girls. Outfits have been planned, and I'm sure a battle will ensue about 5 o'clock Sunday over letting me do up-do's for our special night. In the end they will let me because I promise them a Schooner Sundae at Claim Jumpers every year after our special night.

April has also taken on another "special activity" is the month we begin training for San Fran marathon. We are starting this week, 16 weeks out from the big day. We normally start 12 weeks out, but could use the extra weeks this go round. Our schedule will be printed, tweaked, and posted on the fridge tonight...more about that later.

As for the weekend, it flew by. Saturday was a "long day" for us, but very fun and the kids are holding up so well. We had a bit of a contest going seeing who would run out of the invitations we have been handing out first. I think I won, despite Sophie's attempt to get rid of a few faster by leaving her bag out where Kona could get it. Because Saturday ended up being a longer day than planned, we were able to get most of the rest of the garden in on Sunday. OSH was having a sale on veggies, so we got the rest of what we wanted to plant, as well as some pavers to put in over by the fire pit. Sunday was also date night for Emma and papa. They went to Build-a-Bear and the book store and had dinner at Fresh Choice. Sophie, Bubba and I headed out on foot and bike for a short run over to the shopping center by home. We hit Ross for some Kona toys, then they wanted to go to the Dollar store. Two kids, $20 and 2 huge bags later and they thought they had scored big time! Then they wanted to go to the Yogurt Shack, so we did. Then we ran home. Even though it was Em's special night w/papa, I try to do something special for the other 2, too.
Once we were all home, we got the plants in the ground, sunk the pavers, and lit up the fire ring for our first family roast. Brian resorted to charcoal and lighter fluid w/wood on top. Whatever works!
As for running, we did a short 3.5 mile loop from home on Friday, and I did 2 miles round trip from the shopping center....that's it. Thus the 16 week training schedule over the 12 week. We need the extra time to get back into a regular schedule and routine.
As for now...out the door to meet the hubby for our lunch break 5 miler!

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