Friday, August 21, 2015

Wrapping Up Summer

 That's a wrap. 
We've had a great summer. Really. Really. Great.
I'm sad to see it end.
Not many stay at home mom's of 3 would say that.
We've had some great adventures this summer. I may get you caught up on a few after school starts and I have time during the day.
Or, I may be out having my own solo adventures.
 A lot of time this summer was spent planning a party for a close friend's anniversary.

 Turning lot's of Costco flowers into......
 from there, into......

 And sangria....
 and adventures.....
 view from bed.....
 truck full of buck......
 sooo much fun......

 If you look hard at the above picture, you can see a few wild mustang. That beautiful green meadow is usually full of Lake Shasta water.
 Blew it up and realized it's a 12 foot boat.
This one starts 8th grade this year, and Sophie also enters Middle School this year.  Myles heads to 3rd grade.
Exciting times at our house.
While I'm sad to see it all end, I am looking forward to some "me" time and getting back out on the mountain. I've pretty much taken the entire summer off from running.
September will most likely be spent primarily hiking and getting back out there, adding in some running towards the end of the month.
Summer, 2015....thank you for the memories!!!

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