Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lots of Pictures!

 Let's start with Sophie and I getting up on the mountain to see Brian during his 13.1er
 Here he came...and there he went!

 And then he finished!

Below, a field trip with Myles class to the Oakland Zoo.

 And a few from our family hike last weekend.  A trail the kids had not been on, Black Point Trail out of Mitchel Canyon on Diablo.

 This short green grass was a burned area just a few months back. go up, and then you go down.

 You are looking at the trail.  It's right don't see it?? It's pretty overgrown at the top of the back side...and known for ticks. 

 The above pic tells you this trail does not get much traffic, it's covered in grass.  The view make it worth the hike, though.

 You can spot Emma and Brian coming down through the brush.  Emma's have a patella tracking issue, so her knee is pretty testy.

 You can see both down the front, and back of the mountain at times.  It's really beautiful.

  The down hills are steep, and dry, loose dirt.  Below, Emma took a sliding tumble.

 hog print-

 cat print -

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