Friday, May 12, 2017

Back in the Saddle

Tomorrow we get back into the race scene! Granted, it's as volunteers, but still.  It's been well over a year, probably closer to two years, since I've had anything to do with a race.  I'm super excited to get back into the swing of things!  We will be working aid station 3 of Brazen Racing's Wildcat Half/10k/5k.  We actually only see the 13.1ers at a bit past mile 6.  We'll be driving into the hills, and then hiking in 2.3 miles to where the aid station supplies were dropped by a ranger today. Setting up, putting up some sings at a turn, and one person will hike another 1.4 miles to a turn to act as a course marshal at a turn to keep everyone headed the right way.  Super excited!! Here's a peek, if you've ever wondered, of what the instructions look like. Plus, there's a binder with more instructions waiting for us with the aid station supplies.
 I like to highlight important things so we don't miss anything.
 Below is a map of the drive from the race start/finish where we check in at 6 a.m., to the area we need to then drive to for the hike into the station.
 That blue line is our hike into where the supplies were dropped off for the station. After the race sweep comes through, we break it all back down, call the ranger, load it into his truck, and then hike back out.
 Below is the race map with course marshal spots on it.  We will be that water drop #3.  CM 5 will be where one person is telling the runners to turn, and that green word "sign" is where we need to walk out to and put a "Left Turn" sign.
 It's super well marked already, and chances are everyone knows where they are going....but I always feel like one wrong move and we could be sending runners totally off I study and highlight and make notes.
These are the actual turn by turn instructions for the runners.
Anyway, there's you behind the scene prep work behind volunteering!! It's going to be a fun day!


  1. So sad to have missed you out there since we weren't brave enough to tackle the Half distance. I (and all the grateful runners) love that you take this so seriously. I always wondered how volunteers got to that aid station. So who ended up as CM5? (Telling runners to get off the pavement and head down singletrack would be a great job!)

    1. Hey, we sent Brian out to be CM. He said it was a really pretty and very quiet spot. It always goes by so fast. There seemed to be no lonely runners. They all came through in groups, no single runners at the back of the pack. Hardest part was remembering which bush was in use as a potty and sending runners who needed their own bush in a different direction, and making sure every one had access to the 1 roll of TP : ) I'm guessing there were no outhouses on the course??

    2. I think you are right that there are no toilets anywhere once you leave the start area. Good thing you found the toilet paper!