Wednesday, June 14, 2017

School's Out!

 So school is out! Emma had a week off before her bro and sis got out of school.  On her last day we went out to lunch to celebrate!

 I've been pretty diligent about getting my floating time in : )
 This is my view from the pool looking up.  On this night I was just relaxing after the sun was on it's way down. During the day though, I have a 2 hour window of sun as it travels across the sky between those 2 trees.
 Sam is never sure if he should believe what Papa's saying or not. Smart dog.
 This kid with his fresh hair cut looking handsome.
 He has waited so long for his own dog to be his buddy.  This is Mama.  She lasted 3 days at our house.  She was not a fan of how rough Sam and Kona play.  As soon as they would start rough housing she would attack. So we are back to looking again.
 So I tend to think the messier or wetter a game, the funner it is.  I brought a water relay game, a balloon popping game, a whipped cream pie eating contest game, and a Minute To Win It dance game to Myles end of year party.  We topped it off with creaming Emma in the face with the left over whipped cream.

 It's been pretty cool still, especially in the evenings, so nights by the fire have been perfect.
 We did a family scavenger hunt on Diablo this past weekend for fun.

 There's been lots of relaxation going on.
 In an amazing sweep, Sophie brought home the department awards for Science, Art, and Social Studies.  Not to mention her 4.0 award.  So far, straight A's in Middle School.

 Myles had a great day at the 4th grade Gold Rush Day.
 Our family got back out to the race scene at Brazen's Nitro trail run!

 We lost a sizable limb from our Mulberry tree that required Brian to break out the chain saw. Scary. All swings and lights somehow managed to stay intact.

 Myles did great during his Gold Dust or Bust play.
And that about catches you up to our end of year and beginning of summer shenanigans!

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