Monday, May 26, 2014

A Few From This Mornings Run

 A beautiful flower on the mountain.....
My shirt soaked in a mountain creek....................

And of my favorite shots I've taken! 
Lots more pictures to come tomorrow. Just wanted to share these today.
Hope you are all having a wonderful 3 day weekend!


  1. That flower is pretty wild! And congrats on finding a creek to soak your shirt in, although since you are not wearing it, I'm assuming all of the outdoors got quite a show! And that snake shot is awesome (and I don't like snakes at all).

  2. Being able to take off your shirt and soak it in a creek is one of many reasons why I run in the woods, and not down the street, lol. What happens in the woods stays in the woods. Words to live by : )
    We'll see you guys at Dirty Dozen, right??