Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Going Back to Last Month.....

 Last month I finally got to go on a field trip with one of my kids!! The only field trip that has happened so far this year.  I didn't know we'd be starting off with wine, but that is a good incentive to get more parents to volunteer!  Anyhow, we were heading off to Sacramento to visit the capitol building, Sutter's Fort, Old Town Sac, and the Train Museum.  That's really a lot for one day!

 Yes, I found it hilarious that we were going to be pulling up to the state capitol building in these wine tour buses, and that a long line of kids would come staggering out.  What actually happened is that Sophie's teacher, Mr. Nick, missed the last step getting off the bus and landed face first on the pavement.  Must have been some fumes from the last tour left over in the bus. So these pictures are not in order and it's 100 here today and I'm cranky, so you will have to deal with them being out of order because I'm not fixing them : )
 After we went to the state capitol, we spent some time with our group of kids wandering around Old Town Sac before we went to the Train Museum.  I bought my group some of Old Towns famous mini fried donuts and later some Icee's cuz it was hot!

  Then it was finally time to go see the trains!
 But before we went to the train museum, we went to Sutter's Fort.

 They were using the sun and a magnifying glass to burn their names into the wood, it was surprisingly fast!

And below, last in this post, but first on the actual day we went....the inside of the state capitol building.  Did you know you can just walk up, go through a metal detector, and walk around inside?? Who knew.  In fact, the rooms where they pass the laws and debate stuff have audience seating upstairs because it has to be open to the public.

 Inside of the dome.
Twas a fun day. Long. But fun.

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  1. I am NOT going to suggest that some enterprising parent should have added an "H" to that bus name ("Whine Tour") since I'm pretty sure these kids (and parents) were all exceptional and there was no whining at all.

    This looks like a great field trip!