Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Castle Rock Climbing

I often think I've covered about every inch of this park.....and then we have an exceptionally dry year where the grass dies back....and I spot a new-to-me trail and say, "Hey kids, follow me."  And the next thing you know, we are climbing something so steep I realize we can't climb down the way we are going up, so lets just keep going up and see what we find.  I thank my Grandpa Jack (although I was not thanking him at the time) for teaching me young that if in doubt, keep going up and follow the ridge back down.  Today was definitely one of those hikes where I realized half a mile in that if Brian knew where we were he'd be mad...and that he should probably know where we are in case anything happened. Oops. Good times. Here's a few pics from the harmless beginning of our adventure. I'll have the "other ones", (a.ka. not harmless ones) up later.

With that...we started climbing. You can see the elevation profile on my latest strava post.  It was pretty much climb 20 feet, stop and rest. Another few feet..stop and rest.  We had a blast, though. I'll post more later.

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