Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life Pics

 Sometimes Sophie and I need to "run a quick errand".

Brian had to hold me back from getting on this thing.

 Um, how awesome is that??? A mechanical bull outside of Hobby Lobby?? Jara...I'll be in touch : )

 Well...you know what this means.  I've been feeling some tweeks and twangs for a few weeks now, so I decided it's a good time to take a week or two off from running and hit the bike. The bike with the seat from some really hot place. I fixed it, though. Sort of. May have to upgrade the tape.
 So I found some spin classes on line and did this one. It's HIIT, 35 minutes. I split it up, did half the video before my workout, and the last half after my workout.  If I'm not using a video of a class, I'll do the Tabata Protocol (you can google if you don't know what that is, that's easier than trying to explain it here) When I step off that stupid bike, my quads feel so huge and bulgy...its so odd because while I'm sweating during it, it doesn't feel hard like running does, but when I get off I realize how much of a leg workout it is. And way different muscles. I'm sore in very different places.
 Most of you know this I think, but I do Jillian Michaels online workouts. Yes, it's members only and I have to pay for it, but I really, really like her workouts. I did them for years, took a few years off and lost most my muscle, and have been re-started at level one since September.  When I can get through everything with 15lb weights and good form, I'll up it to level 2. Right now I use 8's and 10's. I'll get out the 15's next week and see how things go.
 Yep....that scary workout lady is why I keep it behind closed doors and workout at home and not the gym. I can get as ugly and loud as I want and nobody gets to see it.  Oh...wait... never mind.
 The above screens were from today's workout.
And below, that's me all cleaned up and making dinner tonight. Spit, grit, and a whole lot of duct tape make me look not like "crazy workout lady".
 And just in case you didn't get a good look at that bike seat-
I don't know how you real cyclists do it! Mad props to your butts. They gotta be made of steel to put up with those skinny, hard seats.


  1. Replies
    1. So are you saying my but is made of steel?

    2. Aaaa, remember when I told you to flex and then poked your butt and couldn't find the muscle?? You have awesome legs, though. Makes up for the flat butt. : ) Boys butts were meant for filling out Wrangler jeans anyway, and since you don't like to wear them, it'd just be a waste.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, it's a little redneck, but then so am I so it works. It's better than taping a pillow to my butt and walking into a spin class, lol.