Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

We are finally having a gray, rainy day so I thought I'd post some pictures I took last week. We've had a few weeks of temps in the mid 70's. This isn't really a "good" thing as we still need a lot of rain, but it does make yard work and planting so tempting. I know it's too early, but man when the sun turns on and the temps spike, we live in the back yard. I instantly want to get the garden planted and fill my flower beds. Instead, we spent a Saturday doing yard work (it was really fun), getting everything cleaned up, cut back, raked, weeded... and at the end of the day I sent Myles and Brian to OSH for 3 plants. I have 3 small pots that live on our patio table, and just wanted one small plant for each one. I'm not picky so there's no way they could mess up, just get me 3 small plants so my table has some color.  Well they came home with 3 variety packs (18 plants).  Score!  Anyways, these pictures were taken last Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.  Things already look different this week. The tree is totally full of those green poofy pollen things, and my wall of Bougainvillea is starting to bloom. I love this time of year!
 The kids have taken to playing tennis on the patio, so for now my table and chairs are off to the side, in the dirt.

 It's been years since we've had a really, really green back yard!! It's such a treat!

 This Bougainvillea covers a fence on the side of our house. Every winter it looks totally dead, looses all it's leaves.  But, if you look!!

 My snapdragons wintered over this year. The seem to have liked the rain, and have bloomed continually all winter.
 Above, the hill behind the house is covered in mustard flowers.
 Myles is digging under the pepper tree.
 Ok, these are not technically in the back yard....but close to the back yard : ) We got in a killer hike. Peak to peak to peak - from Diablo summit to North Peak, and back to Diablo summit. It was a beautiful day, I will do a separate post because there are a ton of pictures.

 We've already roasted dinner a couple of nights. This time of year when everything is still damp, but the weather is's about the only time I feel safe anymore lighting a fire and having sparks blowing around.  It's just gotten to be too dry in the summers to risk a stray spark.
 Chalk art.
We've really had so much beautiful weather!! I'm happy to have a few rainy days now, kick everything back into growing and green mode. The green hills have already begun to change back to gold, so we are happy to have some rain.   Sick kids home from school on a rainy day....that's a whole different story. : )

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