Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Peak to Peak to Peak w/the Family - Part 1

The above picture is not mine, but it provides a great view of Diablo. The town you see is Concord, and while we do have a Concord address....we actually live on the backside of the mountain, off to the left of this picture.  
For the sake of this post, I wanted you to see what "peak to peak to peak" looks like.  We started at the summit, which is the tallest peak. We drop down to it's left into the valley, and then climb North Peak, the peak on the left. After reaching the top....it's back down into the valley, and the climb back up to the summit.
On a perfectly clear, 80 degree day in February....it's amazing!!

 This is one of the areas that completely burned. There's a lot of green now!

 Looking over at North Peak. This entire side of the North Peak burned in 2013.  We stood at the bottom of the other side and watched the flames top out and overtake the towers on top.  It's amazing to see how much it has recovered. You can see bits of the delta water on either side of the peak. It was a beautiful day to be out.  You can see pics of this area the day the mt opened after the fire in this post. It is really amazing how much has grown back! (You can see my 2013 fire post here from the day the fire started) 

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