Sunday, September 8, 2013

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MY mountain is on fire.
So sad.
We watched the flames come up over the top of North Peak where Brian and I ran last Wednesday on the first day of school.
 In front of our house - Brian went out to bbq and came in saying "get in the car".
 North Peak looking from Mitchel Canyon.

What it looked like last week-

 In the fire pictures you can see the towers on top of the ridge, this was Brian's picture while standing at the base of those towers.

This is my pic of North Peak while Brian was up by the towers. The fire came up this side, and at last check was just over the top of the other side.

 You can see the smoke from the fire that has creeped up over from the other side that you see in the picture above it.  Those are the towers Brian took his picture at the bottom of.

 View from Clayton
 The back side of North Peak, viewed from Marsh Creek. Everyone's working hard out there to get their animals out. They are evacuating to the Library and middle school in Clayton.

 It's safe to say nearly every house out here has horses and a variety of other animals.

 While we were watching, there were 3 copters, two CDF's and one from Regional Parks, and two planes.

Word is it started by the Curry Canyon area.

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  1. So sorry to see this. We have had bad fires the last 2 years and it is a weird feeling to see something you are so familiar with going up in flames. Hope everyone is safe that the firefighters are getting the support they need.