Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brazen Racing's Trail Hog, 2013 -Sophie's Race

 I know I'm way late in getting these recaps up, but better late than never. I need to do some serious catch up here on the blog, so lets get started. I'm going to do separate posts for Sophie's 10k and Em's 13.1.  It'll cut down the size a bit. So, this was the first time our family had done Trail Hog. Sophie was going to be running her first solo 10k. And it's an ultra 10k at that, with 6.4 miles. We had reviewed the elevation profiles of both the 5k and the 10k and let her have her pick of distance based on how the courses looked.  The 10k seemed pretty mellow, so she went with it.  6 miles is a long way for a 9 year old to be on her own, but I'm confident enough in her, and in Brazen and their volunteers. If she got into a tough spot, I knew others would lend a hand and keep her either moving, or safely at an aid station.  But, really, I knew she could get it done.
 Above, us girls before the start.

Below, Sophie starting her 10k.   Emma and I were already out on the course because the 13.1 started first, and covered the 10k course.

 Below, these pictures make me so happy!  I panicked a bit when I saw the course in person. The climbs were significantly bigger than I had anticipated based on the elevation chart.  There was a big, long climb that was a bit rough, and it was really hot already. Em had me keeping her moving....but I knew Sophie would be on her own, and I was a bit worried.
Then I saw these pictures of her running up a section that Em and I walked, and I realized she was totally fine out there!

 Above, her cheeks are rosy, though, so I know she was challenging herself and pushing hard.

Below, look at her flying into the finish!!  Such a cool kid. It was in the mid 90's people.  This course had very little shade.  And she's still flying at the end. She finished while Em and I were still out doing the 13.1, so I didn't actually see her, but Brian said she had a huge smile!

 I'm super proud of this kid.  At the end of the day I think she was super proud of herself for getting through this one alone. She said it was a lot harder than she thought it was going to be, way hillier than she thought it was going to be, and hotter than she thought it would be.  And she got it done! She even placed in her age division and got an extra medal!

After this run, I told her she's officially earned her gaiters, which she now has and can't wait to wear in her next race! 

As always, this Brazen Race had all the usual greatness- names on bibs, great shirts, huge medals, smiling faces, great volunteers, plenty of potties, food, drink, water/ice buckets with w/ sponges....and lots more. Great location, and pretty course. The only reason I would not do this one again would be the lack of shade and the heat, purely because I do not do well in the heat. Obviously, race day temps change from year to year, so it's very possible we'll be back next year.  But absolutely everything that Brazen has control over was perfect, as always.

Up next, Em's first 13.1 recap.


  1. Grandpa and Grandma val are so proud of you Sophie. What ever you need for running let us know.
    Love you

  2. I love this! And can't wait to see her out there in her new gaiters! Those finish line pictures tell the story - she's an amazing kid and runner (and you are amazing parents for exposing her to these sorts of challenges and supporting her).


  3. ACK! I meant SOPHIE! (Not that Emma wasn't also stunning, but that's a different post.)

    1. Hee hee's the geezer in you coming out : )
      No worries.

  4. Great job Sophie! You make me smile!!!! I am so proud of you!