Monday, September 9, 2013


Just woke up. News says it's heading towards the summit.
Save Mt Diablo has put so much energy, time, and money into restoring the visitors center up there and the beacon..  I sure hope they are able to save it.  News hasn't said numbers yet since I've been watching this morning. It was at 1000 acres and 10% contained when I went to sleep. News says it has exploded in size, and is moving up the canyons, but hasn't given a number as far as acres....waiting to hear that, maybe in the next segment...
1500 acres and 7% containment, and again, almost to the summit they said.
Again, so surreal.
Just checked the live camera feed and it is indeed at right near the summit.

all pictures from, which is our little local news site that always beats the actual news.


  1. That's horrible. I've been trying to guess what this might mean for the Coastal Diablo race (with the now wildly inappropriate race logo!) on Sunday. I don't think this directly affects the trails it uses (yet), but if it makes it to the summit, or even close (as it appears it already has), I suspect the race won't happen. The resources are needed elsewhere in any case.

    This is so depressing. Hopefully everyone and all the animals manage to escape it and the weather will turn soon.

    1. Brian and I had a thought or two about the race this weekend, too. Isn't there a loop around the summit, or that heads out on Summit trail from the summit? If so, the fire is right at the trail on the back side, by Devils Elbow/Devil's Pulpit where Summit trail is.
      I am wondering who rebuilds those trails after a fire and how to volunteer to do it?
      And yes about that logo. I gave my shirt from last year to Sophie, I need to snag it and make sure she doesn't wear it any time soon!
      Heading out of Castle Rock today to see if I can get up wall road and see what it looks like from there.

    2. Wendell has added a note to the website saying that so far, the race's trails have not been affected, but that officially the race is on hold. So it could still happen, but it would take a lot of good news between now and then.

    3. Just came down off wall, it looks bad. I'll get pictures up in a bit when I recoup from the heat....but there were flames coming over the top, heading down the valley above the ranch on the front side.
      They're putting up a good fight up there, watched the planes kill the flames 3 times, but they kept coming back.