Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a great week!  We are still settling into our school year routine, which so far, I'm loving!  All the kids seem to be happy and adjusting well to new schools and teachers and routines. They are all exhausted, but happy!  I ran Wednesday and Thursday this week. Taking today off to rest before tomorrows 13.1.  I got an email from the RD's this morning with one last warning about the heat. Highs will be mid 90's on a course that has little shade from what I hear......we all know how great I do in heat.  Not to mention it being Emma's first ever half marathon.  And, Sophie will be out on the 10k course by herself.  Thankfully, this is not our first rodeo and we all know how to hunker down, settle in, and get it done......but my gut is saying we are all gonna be digging deep tomorrow!
Here's a few from the week-
 Brown Widow hanging out by the handle to my sliding glass door. These are not my favorite spider. They are related to the Black Widow and have the similar hour glass marking on their tummy.  They are slightly less poisonous, but every bit as freaky.  From my googling, I have learned that they are thought to have originated in South Africa and showed up in Southern California within the past 10 years. They have slowly made their way north. I've seen 2 since we've lived in this house, while I've seen probably close to 30 Black Widows.
 Myles school outfit yesterday. It just made me happy so I took a picture.
 This week the Beast and I finally had our first run together of the new school year. Which was also the first run we've had together since the end of last school year.  While she was in the bushes, i took a pic of the ridge we were going to run across. First, we went to the bottom of the hill I'm standing on and hang a right through the woods on some single track, then climb up to the top of the ridge.
 The view from the top of Walnut Creek....we have a lot of trees.

 I love this shot of the Beast running the back of the ridge.  That's Diablo in the back ground.
 Hopped a tree.
 One of the things that makes the Beast such a great friend is that she knows me well!  I love a run that involves gifts, and what's better than a bag of yummy coffees and chocolate??  Maybe a bag that has coffee, chocolate, and these two magnets-
Love it!!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

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  1. Myles boots make me happy too. Myles makes me happy. His outfit rocks.