Monday, September 16, 2013

Diablo Smells Like Burnt Pork : (

and what makes it worse, I didn't see any pigs like we did last time. : (

Here was this morning's run. I'll have pictures up later, but wow.  It's pretty bad up there.  There are a variety of crews up there working still, there's a lot of non-burnt chunged up road from dozzers, and huge swaths of dozed areas that were made for fire breaks.  Lot's of the picnic areas burned. The wooden tops are gone off the tables (they have stone bases). Summit trail was open, and North Peak trail is open, but there's a lot of debris and bushes in the trail and trees down. There's a lot of heavy machinery still working up there, and Prospector's Gap trail, forget about it. IT looks like it was a highway for dozers, it's ankle deep powder/dirt and moguly. Yeah, that's not a word.
You can see large areas of orange where they dumped that stuff from the plane, and large areas that look like a waterfall came across the road, either from the fire engines or plane dumps, not sure.  Lots of "dangerous area, trail closed" signs, for that matter, lots of trails that are no longer marked because the wooden posts burned.
Anyhow...I'll have pictures up later, but here's a look at the run. I managed to get some decent elevation for under a 6 miler.

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