Friday, September 13, 2013

A Few To Get You Through the Weekend

 Again, sorry folks, but I have no time for editing these to make them even more gorgeous. They are pretty good as they are though.  These are from Wednesday. The Mountain looked much better than it did on Monday.
 From the top of my hill repeats hill, which I did not repeat on this day, once was enough.

 Garmin!! Was so fun to run with this thing this morning and try to ignore how slow we were going!  Our fastest mile was in the 11's.  But it was in Briones, with lots of climbing, so still kinda good.  I can already see that I'm going to love having it, and that it's going to push me to go faster!
 One pair of my new shoes!! Boy, I've gotten really used to running in a mens sz 10 instead of a ladies sz 11.  These fit much snugger and are more narrow, like a ladies foot is.  I really like them so far and they have great traction, not much slippage going on.  On the way home from this run I stopped at the craft store for some velcro and super glue so I can wear my gaiters w/them.
 The Beast introduced me to our new running buddy today! This is Riley. His previous momma was a runner, so he's already a great runner and did a 5 miler earlier today, and then another 5 with us, running laps around us.
 He's a great climber, too.
 There's my mountain, way over there.
I love my mountain, but I gotta say that Briones has some pretty fun trails, too.

Ok, we have a pretty packed weekend ahead, so I'll check back in on Monday...if I have time.  Guess what?? My mountain opens back up on Monday.  You know where I'll be!!


  1. Hmm...11's being ok....that is awesome time!! My best average in the Briones is between the 12's and 13's.

    I am glad you had a great run! Love you honey!

    1. Well, 11's were not the average, just the
      Love you, too! Happy Friday : )