Friday, September 20, 2013

I Got a Call From School Yesterday-

 Any guesses as to who was in the office in trouble for finding a mud hole on the playground and coming in from recess covered in mud??  I felt a little hypocritical being upset with him....since he's been brought up to appreciate mud so much. I mean he's been raised in a family that rates their outdoor experiences based on how much mud they can find and get coated in.We are truly a mud=happiness family.  So after I got over being mortified that the office had to call me at home because he was in trouble, driving down and apologizing to everyone in the office and thanking them for disciplining him, offering his teacher a page of "I will not play in the mud" sentences.....I realized the problem is not that he played in the mud.  The problem is I need to review with him the whole "there's a time and a place" thing.  Boys....I tell ya.  Strange creatures.  It never occurred to me that I needed to have that conversation. I never had to tell the girls not to get muddy at just went without saying.  Not to mention he must have had to search really hard to find any mud....we haven't had rain in weeks.  His teacher was almost more proud than upset that he was a boy through and through and said Myles must have thought he found treasure because mud is hard to find right now.  Myles, Myles, Myles.....let's hope this was the big excitement for the year and I do not get anymore phone calls from the office.....pretty sure that's just wishful thinking though!


  1. Ha ha ha - no wait, (trying to put on my stern face) (failing).

  2. HA!!! That is awesome Myles! No stern face here.....he beat Spencer. First time in the Principals office for him was in 2nd grade....Its a boy thing.