Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's Run w/The Beast

Was amazing!!!

Need I say more! It was so fun!! It was her fist time ever doing the climb up to Deer Flat. Once we got there I told her our options - keep going to the summit, come back down the way we came, or do a horse shoe (down and up) to Back Creek and run down it.  Again, all things that she had never experienced before. She picked Back Creek! I've climbed up it a few times, but never down, it's a fun, long stretch of downhill single track that was so much fun to come down!

She's game for doing the climb again next week up to Deer Flat and coming back down along Eagle Peak!!

As for time on this run- 1:49, total. 1:32 was our actual moving time. 7.47 miles, 2,251 feet of climbing.  All numbers I'm more than happy with!

I may or may not have taken a rest in a horse trough, and if I did, I may or may not post pictures later of that...which may or may not have happened!

Again, I have to thank my husband for my Poppy Pass which has opened up this side of the mountain to not just me, but The Beast, too.  We are like 2 kids in a candy  store (or 2 runners at Sports Basement??) with the whole back side of Diablo to explore!
It totally did happen, may explain the difference in our actual time and our moving time, lol.


  1. Now I remember what that horse trough looked like last time....hmmm, and not the same impact as your other suds n the bucket picture!

  2. Well, the other suds in the trough picture I was 18 and only wearing bubbles. 36 and wearing stinky sweaty clothes...yeah, not the same : )
    Love you!