Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few Pictures From The Weekend

Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend!
Ours was wonderful.
Here's a few pictures for you-
 It started off with Myles entertaining me. He was in the store w/Brian, I was waiting in the car.

 The kids had a blast running some mower races.

 Something to remember for next time - don't use a bottle of lighter fluid as an obstacle. Myles will aim for it.
 We did some family 4xing in that hummer. This was a first for the kids and they had a blast and think it's the coolest thing ever!
After helping shuck 24 ears of corn, Myles went to work blowing the corn silk stuff off the deck.  Note to Myles-if the hose comes off, don't set the motor part down to grab the black hose...the motor part blows itself away.

 While we were driving, I saw the most stunning thing I've seen in a long time.  I rated right up there with having a Mountain Lion run along side of a truck I was riding in the back of one time.  We were driving through an area I have literally driven through countless times in my lifetime. I was watching the rocks go by the window and saw the most stunning animal standing up on top of a rock-

These are not my pictures, but he looked just like that one above, but even more majestic. I was in total shock freaking out. I had no idea they were in the area we were in. My grandpa used to go big game hunting in far away places like Alaska (that is how I remember it anyway) and had one of these guys mounted on the wall in his house....so to just be driving down the highway and look up at the rocks and see one was amazing.

 To keep driving, half thinking I just imagined what I saw...only to see about 30 more.....pretty amazing.  Of course I came home and googled and found out that they planted 40 of them in this particular area in 2010 and that they are thriving.  They are native there, but had died out and were gone for many years.  Now that I know the heard is alive and thriving, I'll always have my eyes peeled when driving through there!
 Our 3 day weekend ended last night with watching a thunderstorm through a bug covered window over the Sacramento area as we drove home.
And with a self proclaimed "Redneck" in my car.
We were in serious horse country and I loved that the local Wamlart had tons of boys boots, which are hard to find  in the Bay Area. Not to mention the camo shirt, and that they carried PBR clothing, tons of Duck Dynasty merchandise and that the High School is such a big deal that you can get tons of  high school merchandise at Walmart- sweatshirts, pants, bags, water bottles, flags for your car....I love a town that supports it 's school like that! 

We had a great weekend full of making memories and new beginnings.
The kids had a great time. 
Thanks to all involved for making it such a special weekend.

Now...it's time to focus on the next task at hand.  Can I get in shape to run a 13.1 in 5 days??
Should be an interesting week!

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