Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Official!!

We are ultra runners!!  Ok, so I know having your name in Ultrarunning Magazine in no way makes you  an ultra runner or not an ultra runner.....but it's pretty sweet to see your name in there for the first time!
Check out #44 and #45! (click to make it a bit bigger)

Not to mention we knew Allen before he turned into a famous, published writer : )  Allen, aka NTL, or NotTHATLucas, will soon have to change his name to "YesIamTHATLucas" he's getting so famous!  Kudos for having another article published.  We are all waiting for your first "Tales From the Trails" book, you've got some whoppers to share!!  The cover photo could be the picture of the ladies helping put your comfy pants on after the 12 hour : )

NTL fueling at Brazen's Dirty Dozen 12 hour run....that is how you get 40.4 miles done, people!

Shoot, the list of all the things you have used as fuel would be entertaining enough that I'd buy the book!

No, really though, congrats on the article and thanks for the heads up that the results were in Septembers issue!

In other exciting news....Emma is running her first 13.1 on September 7th at Brazen's Trail Hog! I'm super excited to run it with her and fully expect her to leave me in a cloud of dust!


  1. That's so awesome! And congrats to Emma (in advance) for running her first 13.1!

  2. So proud of you all, even NTL. Now that Em has her trail shoes she will be tearing up the trail.

  3. I can't wait to see Emma fly past me at Trail Hog! (Or you either, for that matter.) I can't believe how far she has come in a short time. See you there!

    (And thanks for the kind words - I love "YesIamTHATLucas" but there is no danger of that happening. It's much more likely that you are going to get so used to seeing your name in Ultrarunning that you won't even bother to look anymore. But I'll still look for you!)