Sunday, August 18, 2013


I get to enjoy all the beauty and fun of the Mountain, but only have to do 1/3 of the work to get to the summit!
It's rare, like never, that I have the opportunity to be dropped off at Juniper Campground to start my run. Such a treat.  From there I'll head to the summit and enjoy the view. I think I'll add in a little exploring out to Devils Elbow (aka Devils Pulpit) before heading back down the mountain.
I'm super excited to hit Mother's trail, which I hear is a fun, fast, steep downhill single track trail. Then it's down Burma, across Northgate road, where I'll link into Buckeye loop for some more beautiful single track.  Then down and out on Stage.  Somehow I'm going to get over 4,300 feet of decent out of a 3,849 ft high mountain.  I know how to get my monies worth I guess!
While this is a mostly downhill run, the high tomorrow is supposed to be 99, so it should still be a challenging run, and I'd expect nothing less out of my mountain.
I can't wait for morning!

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