Friday, August 2, 2013

District Convention 2013 - Sunday Evening

America's Cup!
Sunday after the convention we headed down to the waterfront in San Fran to visit the America's Cup Pavilion.  Brian runs by it on a regular basis, and I had seen a news story about it being mostly free, so we thought we'd check it out. It was actually totally free unless you wanted food or to shop. We timed it good since you don't have to pay for street parking after 6 on Sunday's we parked at 3 different places in one night and didn't have to pay for parking once.  If you know the city, or have visited San Fran, you will realize what a big deal that is!!
 This is up against Brian's office, which is at the bottom of the hill that Coit Tower is on. He was inside changing.
 This was a pretty cool set up, they have a fake grass area with air mattresses and bean bags you can chill on and watch the boats on that big screen.
 Posing with the cup
 A boat...we actually went into that white tent back there and watched a moving called Flying on Water, where you are actually on the boat while it's out in the bay....pretty amazing stuff. I didn't realize that with this new type of boat they've been racing in the bay, it really doesn't touch the water once it's up to speed and really raises up and there's just this little fin thing in the water.
They raced blow boats down those tubes of water...a paper boat and you blow the sail to make it move.
 The kids raced each other at raising a sail.

 There were ping pong tables in this area, too. They had fun playing that for a while.
 Some crazy car cruising down Embarcadero.
 Brian runs by this thing on his lunch break, a skateboarding exhibit. He knew Em would like to see it.

 For a cold, Sunday evening, I was surprised at how many people there were out and about, but Brian said it's been busy like this since summer started.
 Our next stop was , well, actually we went to a Safeway and got sandwiches and chicken for dinner, then we went to Ghirardelli's for ice-cream and hot cocoa.

 They had the fires going, and a big fire pit in the middle of the tables to keep us warm.

Yummy!  It was a great way to wrap up convention weekend!