Friday, August 16, 2013

Randoms From the Week

 Auntie Jill and I serving breakfast for 30ish happy people!

 Emma doing her Middle School walk-through and getting her class schedule!

 We have a pepper tree that has a large nest of honey bees in it. About once a year they swarm, but other than that they are not a bother, so we just ignore them. Well, I was raking underneath the tree and realized they sounded a lot louder than they should have and looked up to see...well, bees. Everywhere.  They swarmed for about 30 minutes, then went back to normal.  Its a bit hard to see in the top picture, but if you look at the sky and see all the black dots, and then look at the trees and see all the golden's bees.  Below its not hard to see them at all. There's tons.

 And, big news here....Myles finally lost a tooth!  He was so excited! He's somewhere in the range of being 2 years behind the age when most kids start loosing teeth, but his dentist always has said they'll start coming out when they are ready.   I'm glad they are finally ready!

And the last picture, our last $1 movie of the summer!  We went every Tues or Wednesday all summer long. This was a special "summer" day, though. I took them to the $1 movie in the morning, then we got lunch and went back and saw Turbo.  It's summer, what can I say. 

Lastly, I'd like you all to know a hidden secret about my husband. He shoplifts.
I know, who would have thought sweet, calm, laid back Brian.  Don't be fooled, people.  He went into the gas station by our house this morning, where we stop often for junk, went in, got a soda, and walked out.  Like it was his kitchen or something.  We got to BART and he says "Did I pay for this soda?.....I think I forgot to pay."  So I stopped back by on the way home and payed for my shoplifting husband's soda. The lady thought it was hilarious and didn't want to take my money, but I insisted. I thought about prepaying for a few sodas for him in case he decides to live on the wild side and try it again.

Lastly, if any of you are running Brazen's Bear Creek this weekend, the whole Latham Family will be taking care of aid station #4.  If you would like me to have water to throw on you, just let me know.  I was thinking water balloons would make it fun!  Better yet, one of those huge water cannon squirt guns. Moohaha...beware runners : )


  1. That bee thing is amazing. And congrats on Myles losing a tooth. But water balloons at an aid station??? That would have been amazing! I think!

    You guys had the most fun aid station - Myles and you did a great job with my head's ice bath! I felt very refreshed as I plodded on to the finish. A HUGE thanks to all of you for being there for so long and helping all the runners - that's a tough job, and as late as I came through there, you were all still going strong!

    1. We had a great time! Was nice to see you and Diane come through!

  2. Hey,
    I was going to tell you no to worry about Myles too. Its a family boy thing. Spencer didn't lose his first one until he was over 6 either.
    Emma, I was a Mustang too in Middle School!
    And Next year, the kids and I are coming down and going to a double movie with all of you too!