Monday, August 12, 2013

Keep Your Feet ON the Pedals, Son!

We ran with the kids on their bikes last night over to the bmx track.   Myles was feeling brave and wanted to ride down a section of single track that he usually walks his bike down.  My last words to him were "Do not pedal, keep your feet on the brakes the whole time and do not take your feet off the pedals!"
Off he went, speeding down around the corner out of site. I just waited for it. I knew it was coming, the crash and screaming cry....but you gotta let them try when the think they are ready to try something new.
We're going to work on braking with your pedals and not your face this week.

(if your are wondering, he did have on a helmet, but it got shoved back off his head when his face hit, thus the forehead scrapes.)

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