Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer's Ending

 And it's ending in a flourish of hikes!  We did a few fun hikes this week, starting with this one.  We started at Bob Pond at Borges Ranch.
This was Wednesday.  My legs were still pretty sore from Monday's mountain decent. I was on the fence about hiking, half thinking my legs needed another day, half thinking a hike would work out all the kinks.
I was still very sore after, if not more sore...but then the next day things felt a lot better!
 Looking funky fresh in my recovery compression sleeves.  By the way, if you're wondering about the weather.....we were on the verge of being cold on this hike!  Quite a drop in temps in just a few days!
 Bob Pond in it's summer state.

 This trough had Mosquito Fish in it, we stayed clear of it...something about flesh eating bacteria ringing in my head....

 There's a coyote standing behind that dead tree that's on the ground. I guess he ran right in front of me - I know that because Em started yelling "Coyote!" and freaking out that he was right in front of me.  He got behind there pretty fast and I missed my shot at a good picture.

 Emma's got some new, real trail shoes : )
 I always love looking at my mountain, especially while the run down from the top is still so fresh in my mind....and on my legs.

 You can just barely see Myles in the trail way way up there.
 Picnic time!

 Myles explaining some complicated stuff to Emma.
 After lunch we headed up to Borges to visit the animals before we headed home.

Shucks, it didn't really work.
After this hike, we took a day off, then headed to Tilden for more hiking on Friday, plus did a night hike that night.
I'll save those pictures for my next post!

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