Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Night Hikes and Things

The kids recently received headlamps as a gift, something they had wanted for ages.  Of course, when mom and dad said "ok, kids, lets go hike!", at 9 at night, they all freaked out and got scared.  But, we made them go, and they had a blast.  Here's a few pics, but it's hard to get good pics in the dark-

 They had a great time! Who knew toads came out at night?? Not us.  The kids slept out in the tent Friday - Sunday night, their last weekend before school starts (tomorrow). My big fear about this is that a car will come through the fence behind our house. There's a busy intersection, in fact in the picture you can see the green light from the traffic signal. A total "mom" fear.  Guess what?? At 11pm we are all in bed w/the kids in the tent and what do I hear - screeching tires and crunching metal.  There was a pretty bad accident at the intersection directly behind our fence, directly behind the tent.  But all cars stayed on the other side of the fence, thank goodness. The kids slept through the entire thing, even all the flashing lights.

 Above is fishing at Lake Anza, Below is an early Sunday morning run on the Mt w/Brian.

 And these are from today, our last day of summer break!  Middle School starts tomorrow for Em, and a new school for Sophie and Myles!!

How anything lives in that water, I do not know, but it was full of turtles and fish today.

Brian took tomorrow off to help send the kiddos off to start the new school year....and then, he and I are heading up the mountain to find a trail called Prospector's Gap.  Should be fun!

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  1. Yikes! That's too freaky about the backyard sleeping through a car crash; brave kids! Looks like fun with the headlamps and you gotta love turtles. Even in that water.