Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tough Little Buggers

Last Thursday the Beast and I took our herd for a hike on the mountain. We took the kids up Eagle Peak trail to the top of Twin Peaks and then back down the other side of the ridge. It's only a 4 mile hike, but has 1700 ft of climbing, and it was toasty!  They all hung in, though. It was tough, but they were troopers!
We are heading to the top of the peak on the right.

There's some pretty rugged sections of trail up there, above is an example, hard to even see the trail.
We did make it to the top of the ridge, this is looking backwards at what we had just covered.

You can see the Beast and some kids on the trail up ahead.

We are about half way down the other side of the ridge, looking up at the rocks we were just at. 
Good times! We finished tired and hot and went home and jumped in the pool!  A great summer day!

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