Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mountain Monday

This was such a fun run for me. I got to run with someone who I see maybe every 5ish years, someone near and dear to my heart.  She has become a runner since I saw her she's one 13.1 away from becoming a Half Fanatic, real runner, runner.  Pretty neat since the last time I saw her she was listing all the reasons she was so NOT a runner.  So to be able to see her, and get her up on my mountain was special.  She's from a cool, wet temps in the mid 90's with little shade took it's toll, but we made it down off the mountain.  And by down...I mean we pulled out more than 4000ft of decent on a mountain that is only 3800 ft and change. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day

 Ok, I totally realize that is a horrid picture of me, however I was getting a good laugh out of her downhill technique...she's backing down, if you cant' tell.
This was a new find for me. At the top of Mothers Trail (which is freakishly steep downhill and I would not come down that way again, ever) there was this spring, Burma Springs, dated 1966.  The water was super clear and clean, and although it did have fish in it, that did not stop me from splashing off with the water.  As a side note, that's a nice shot of Wall Rd on that dark ridge down in the background.

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