Thursday, August 1, 2013

District Convention, 2013 - Sunday

 The Beast, Emma, and the beast's daughter, Claire heading off to clean bathrooms
 Looking at a new book with pretty amazing pictures.

 Cow Palace style teeter totter

Such embarrassing parents!

 It was pretty windy and he chased that bag for quite a while. But he did catch it!

Every year we are a little sad that the convention is over. Sure the days are long and we are tired by Sunday night, but we look forward to it all year, and its always wonderful, and then it's over so quick!
We are already looking forward to next year.  We finally figured out this year (this was my 35th year of going to the District Convention) to take Thermos's full of iced coffee to chug right before the afternoon session starts....what a difference that made!! Why it took so long to think of, I don't know.
I have one more dc post of what we did after Sundays session.


  1. Lovely shot of my bald spot...oh how I have become accustom to being folically challenged!

    1. Bald Spot?? I was looking at your butt....didn't even notice anything else : )